What would happen if every German citizen could commit one murder allowed by law from the age of 18?
EpS 2: Pubertäter
A production of the film academy Baden-Württemberg 2021
Pilot episode, 15 min

Mia: Alva Schäfer
mother: Nathalie schott
father: Stephan a. tölle
sister: lena moll
woman on bench: Clara Luna deina
smoker: Günther Ahner

created by: René Colling, jan-hendrik Holst, fabien Virayie, Julia mirjam cantuária
Producer: René Colling & jan-hendrik Holst
writer: fabien Virayie & Julia mirjam cantuária
Director: ares ceylan
DOp: Konstantin pape
Editor: Andrea Grumbt
musik: victoria hillestad & Julian Erhardt
color grading: Jonas Damm
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