additional Editor
Stuck between high performance-pressure and negative self-talk 
we follow young music-producer Maxi´s path into madness. 
Her passion has become her profession, leading to a self-destructive downward-spiral. 
Is she chasing her dreams or chasing herself? 

A production of the university of art and design offenbach 2022
shortfilm, 20 min

adult maxi: Anthonette olaleye
young maxi: anbelle olaleye
sora: lona culmer-schellbach

Producer: seemab gul & brenda lien
writer: brenda lien
Director: Brenda lien
DOp: dubravka kurobasa
film Editor: brenda lien
2nd additional Editor: Kira könig
sound design: lena beck
musik: brenda lien
color grading: Sara buxton
2022 Flickerfest (World Premiere)
2022 Karlovy Vary iff
2022 interfilm Berlin
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