a hacker named Zarb0x finds a folder in the Darknet called “Jessy.zip”. 
In it he finds some mysterious material belonging to a YouTuber. 
Who is this young girl behind these files? 

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A production of the film academy Baden-Württemberg 2020
Miniseries, 44min

Jessy: Linda Rohrer
Zarb0x: Christopher Bertram
Mrs Schultheiß: Monika Goll
Police Officer: Herr Müller Hassan Lazouane

created by: jan Krebs & Karl Heidelbach
Producer: Karl Heidelbach & Mina Smajic
writer/Co-Director: Jan Krebs
Director: Jonathan B. Behr
DOp: Maximilian Föhl
Film Editor: Sam Aron Handel & Andrea Grumbt
Motion Design: Christian Ose
Sound Design: Sebastian Dressel
Editing (SWR): Jan Berning, Stefanie Groß

trailer edit: Jonathan B. Behr
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